Camp Woes

Carter arrived at camp yesterday, having been driven there by his friend’s dad and at around 3pm the sobbing phone calls began. Last night after dinner he threw up (though he may have been dehydrated). I have talked him down a little, but this morning he called me again, still sobbing, begging me to pick him up. He hates it. They are getting ready to go snowboarding now, but my sense is he is too distraught to actually participate and find it fun.

Do I ruin my first week alone with Olivia to go and pick him up (a 4+ hour drive)?

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  1. anniegirl1138 July 29, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    Tough one. I had Kate in day camp last summer. She cried at some point every day. On the second to last, the director pulled me aside at pick up and suggested putting her back in kindercamp for the following week as she didn't seem able to keep up with the others and cried at some point during the day.

    The camp was supposed to have been divided into two groups a younger (6 to 8) and older ( 9 to 12) but the teens who actually ran the activities usually lumped them. As a former teacher, I know that is a recipe for disaster but the people who run these programs are just looking for the best way to babysit.

    I pulled her. Put her in skipping camp – which also took a couple of days and a sprained knee for me to get her settled. Kinder camp would have been humiliating for her, but skipping camp let her redeem herself a bit.

    This year she is all gung-ho for skipping camp and swim lessons and even has mastered the art of sleeping over. She just needed the year's growth.

    There is a fine line between the sucking up kids have to do as part of growing up and forcing them to suffer needlessly because they aren't ready when we would like them to be.

    What are the camp people telling you? What do you hear in his voice? What is the reasonable part of your gut (not the mommy part) telling you? And that's all you can do.

    Poor Carter. Poor Mom. You'll get through this.

  2. Suddenwidow July 29, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    No advice to offer but thinking of you and wishing you good luck in your decision!

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