Knee Surgery, Theta Style

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A friend told me about “Theta Healing” and the incredible experiences she has had with it, and so me being me, I had to check it out. Googling it, I learned that Theta healing is, in essence, a tapping into one’s theta (or subconscious) brain waves, receiving messages from the subconscious and then applying a process of “removing” old, useless, negative beliefs and “replacing” them with positive ones.

The crazy part that my friend was so excited about was that this healer was able to tap into the theta waves of not just her, but her children as well and take a read on what they were going through and update their thoughts similarly. I do wonder about the ethics of having someone messing around in your theta waves without your knowledge, but if it was for good and not evil, then I guess I couldn’t see the harm.

I spoke with Theta Healer, Donna who told me over the phone how negative thoughts and beliefs can lead to illness and fear and how it is possible to become stuck in these negative beliefs until they begin to shape our entire reality. This is a notion that I have already come to believe is true, so she was preaching to the choir.

The idea I struggled with was that it would be easy to eradicate these deeply rooted negative thoughts. It seemed too good to be true. Could it really be this simple? I was willing (for the sake of being able to pass on my knowledge to all of you) to be the guinea pig and give it a whirl.

The first session began with a reading of my “womb beliefs,” a look back into my consciousness at the moment of my birth. Apparently, I was a smug little thing, somewhat skeptical of my parents, not quite trusting of them. I seemed to have the knowledge that I was there to test them and knew I would prove to be a challenge. Gee, I must have been a joy of a child!

The session continued with a look at each of the kid’s present states of mind, ultimately focusing on their thoughts around the loss of their dad and their differing forms of grief. Some of their negative thoughts and fears were eradicated and replaced with positive ones. I listened and typed away as Donna spoke, clearly, and matter-of-factly, amazed how easily she was able to state a belief, pull it and then replace it with another more life affirming, positive one. Could this really work? She told me to expect a breakdown, a release of some kind from Olivia in particular, and a few days later it came in the form of a text while I was at a writing group: “I just woke up and am crying for no reason. Can you come home?”

I went home. We talked. I told her about the healing and am pretty certain she thinks I’m insane at this point. And yet there was a kernel of truth in what I was reading back to her from the reading. She resisted, as teenagers do, but I don’t think the message was lost on her. But who really knows. At this point she is tired of me harping on all the time about “the grief” and who can blame her. I’m tired of it too.

I had another session yesterday that wound up focusing on my upcoming knee surgery. As I mentioned in the last post, knees are considered to be a seat of resistance, ego, stubbornness. Resistance is a form of control. So really, the conversation was not about knees but about relationships.

“I’m getting a belief that you’re sad, afraid, scared because big feelings can bring big heartbreak. There were big emotions with Arron and then he died and so those fears were validated. I’m pulling that and replacing it with ‘I’m safe to bend, be flexible and go with what’s happening rather than resist.'”

She spoke of trust, saying I sometimes push too much to make a relationship happen rather than let it take its own course and find out what I want. It’s kind of a feeling of “gotta hunt love down and trap it or it will get away,” of not wanting to miss it that can override my feelings of “Is this is right?” She “pulled” this sentiment and replaced it with “I’m safe to know that love is true for me.

And then she asked a question that I hadn’t considered, given that I have unwittingly “fallen” for a firefighter.”Does it worry you that he does dangerous things, has a dangerous job?” And until that moment, it hadn’t. Not really. Not consciously, anyway.

“So the belief I am getting from you is that ‘he likes dangerous risky things and has a job that is dangerous so you wonder, am I setting myself up to be with someone else who gets killed? What am I doing with myself?’ I’m going to pull that and replace it with ‘I’m safe to trust my heart to lead me into love without fearing loss and disaster.'”

“Your past experience has made you cautious about life and his energy comes in and embraces life. He’s showing that to you so you can embrace life too. Feels very healing. Helps to enliven you and get out of your dark places and his energy solicits you out into to world and is very positive for you.”

She continued to eradicate each tiny fear I had going into surgery – fear for the kids if something were to happen, fear of not being able to cope afterwards, fears of helplessness and abandonment. So many fears that I had not considered and yet as she spoke them, were real and enlarged, until she pulled them and replaced them with a sense of calm.

These tiny niggling fears, like the shards I will be having removed from my knee on Monday are inconsequential and yet debilitating. One by one, she has plucked each one out, leaving me free to heal from past wounds. Such a gift.


While looking for the image for this post, I came across this cool site that has music for getting oneself into a theta state: Kind of cool!

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  1. Kristine March 29, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    wow. hadn’t thought about the firefighter thing. profound. I’m all for this kind of healing. you go!

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