Oops, I published my book today on Amazon!

Remember the Moon, CoverOn Tuesday, I was emailing agent queries, still uncertain if I should hold tight and try publishing my book traditionally. My current agent turned down the book because she doesn’t believe in psychics. Or that was the excuse anyway. Maybe it sucks. Hopefully it doesn’t. Judging from some of the comments I’ve already had, it doesn’t totally suck and people seemed to like it! They really liked it!

Ok, back to Tuesday. Emailing agents and I thought why am I doing this? I co-founded a start-up that bases it’s business on self publishing (Writer.ly), so perhaps I should walk the walk.

Yesterday, I worked at compiling my book using Scrivener  (awesome program for writers). That said, compiling to an eBook on Scrivener takes a certain talent and a deep knowledge and understanding of the Compile menu. I recompiled over and over and over until I got it just right. I even created drop caps (those large first letters that begin each chapter in many books) using a free trial of Sketch where I created the letters in 64 point type and exported them as little PDF files and imported them into Scrivener.  I spent WAY too many years in the desktop publishing world.

Finally, last night, I downloaded it to my Kindle to see how it looked, and Voila! I had it just the way I wanted it. And so I went to Amazon’s KDP  and through a few very easy steps, it was done. It takes up to 48 hours to process, but by 9:00am this morning, I was live!

Holy cow! I am not at all ready. I threw a post on Facebook and then got to work on a couple of MailChimp emails to make the initial announcement. And now here I am here, writing a post that I’ve published a book!

I’ve added all the info about the book in the area to the right, so check it out.

And if you read it and can remember, I would love you forever if you could write an Amazon review for me. Those are like gold and I didn’t do a very good job of asking for them for Alchemy, so I thought I try doing a better job this time.

Thanks to all who’ve supported me through this process. It’s been a crazy ride!

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Abigail Carter

Abigail Carter wrote The Alchemy of Loss: A Young Widow’s Transformation as a form of catharsis after her husband’s death in the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. She self-published a novel, Remember the Moon in 2014. Her work has also appeared in SELF magazine, Reader’s Digest Canada, MSN.com, Huffintonpost.com and MORE.com.
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