Sobs and Doggie Psychics

I got another sobbing phone call this morning from camp (blasted cell phones). Seems he hates snowboarding. Not sure why that would be. I guess he is one of the younger kids at the camp, and perhaps is feeling that the others are more expert than he is, but I’m not sure. There have been moments though, when he does seem to be having fun. I’m holding tough, and not giving in (though I have considered dropping everything and dashing up to get him). I am certain that my dreams of a few summer weeks without kids will not come to fruition until he’s 40!

On another note, I met a pet psychic yesterday who insisted that Harley had not yet figured out she had died and remained “with” us. Apparently, Harley was rather skeptical towards the psychic trying to talk to her. When the psychic told her she had died, her response was “well that explains a whole lot”. No, seriously. The psychic coaxed her toward the light, so we are now rest assured that she is happily ensconced in doggie-heaven. Stop giggling. It’s true! She also “talked” with Gloria Olivia’s beleoved guinea pig (now deceased) who is apparently coming back as a white dog who will belong to a boy in Philadelphia, but will then come back again in 10 years or so as a black toy Aussie that Olivia will get when she is in her twenties. She has already checked them out and can’t wait.

No, really.

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  1. ANovelMenagerie August 2, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    Oooh… I want the doggie psychic to come and talk to my pet Basset, Claire!

  2. Anonymous August 3, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    I didn't comment when you first posted about Carter's camp woes. I figured you know him and your relationship best.

    But I will offer this – when I was around the same age, I went to camp, got homesick and my parents DID pick me up. It's always been one of my biggest regrets, as silly as that may sound. I always wonder what I missed, what might have been, and more importantly, how I would have felt about myself if I had been able to overcome those feelings and just enjoy that moment in time. Instead, I was left feeling like a camp drop-out. It was many, many years before I got up the courage to try again… so how many other experiences did I miss along the way?

    I understand why they came to get me… I just really wish they hadn't.

  3. Abigail August 4, 2009 at 10:36 am

    Thanks, Anon. I had never really considered what might happen if I were to actually pick him up, other than he would probably be greatly relieved, and mildly disappointed in himself. I guess it could actually be more pervasive in terms of self confidence.

    I am sorry that it had that effect on you. It sounds like you ultimately overcame your camp drop-out status though. Funny how every experience and even non-experiences shapes us.

  4. centralillinoisian August 4, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Where in the world did you find a psychic to talk to pets? That's what I need. Maybe I could find out what happened to my cat I lost. Well, actually the cat sitter lost him, but the result is the same, I no longer have that cat.

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