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Portrait of a Right Eye, Artist/maker unknown Philadelphia Museum of Art Collection

Ok, I’ve been absent from by blog for too long and it’s over here gathering dust. Lest you think I am a complete slacker, here’s a little of what’s kept me away:

If you happen to be interested in self-publishing, here are all the latest articles I’ve written for Writer.ly (of which I am the CEO).

Along those lines, here’s another article I wrote for a self-publishing organization’s newsletter about my self-publishing successes.

A few of my posts were reposted on Huffington Post (that’s a lot of “posts!”).

I’ve also been working on a launch plan for the paperback of Remember the Moon which btw, is now available.

There are a couple of upcoming speaking engagements: I will again be visiting Theo Nestor’s memoir class at the University of Washington on January 20th; and I will be moderating a panel at the Search For Meaning Book Festival 2015 at Seattle U on February 28th:

[blockquote]Writing Through Grief A discussion with four contributors to the new anthology, The Widows’ Handbook.” (with Kristine Shorey Forbes, Susanne Braham, Connie Fisher, and Donna Hilbert)[/blockquote]

Location: Pigott 103
Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm


Be back soon with something fun I’ve been working on.

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