Your Life Matters Interview

I had a great radio/blog interview with Jenn and Steve at They have posted my interview on their site. I was pleased with the interview because they really got to the nugget of my book and the reason I wrote it. It is not a 9/11 story as much as it is a self-help on the recovery from grief.

It was interesting for me to do the interview, given all the widow-shedding I have been doing lately. I had forgotten how hard an interview can be, no matter how upbeat it winds up being. With each interview I do, I give away a little of myself. At the outset I know that sounds taxing, and emotionally it is. But it is important to me to share the more positive outlook of grief that my book tries to embrace. I am always glad to talk to people who really get it and Jenn and Steve are definitely of that ilk and I am grateful to them for allowing me to share my views.

A technical note: I use a Mac with FireFox as my browser and I was unable to see the link to hear the interview. If you have this problem, you may need to install the Windows Media Player plug-in for whatever browser you use. For FireFox, I found the plug-in here.

If that still doesn’t work (I had no success), then I try listening using another browser like Safari.

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